Steph Curry and Harrison Barnes Show ESPN Why They Float Twice a Month at Reboot

Steph Curry and JaVale McGee Show ESPN Their Favorite Recovery Hack, Cryotherapy

To the Marina to Float in a Saltwater Pod

“Off you go to Reboot Float Spa, a new place in the Marina where you’ll float peacefully in a pitch-black container and emerge a calmer, saltier, less-stressed version of yourself. It’s open now.”

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SweatSF: “Get Naked and Weightless at Reboot Float Spa

“This week we bring you an altogether different way to sweat: Reboot Float Spa brings all the health benefits and self-exploration of yoga without the work—imagine an hour of floating savasana.”

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“Why Superstars Like Steph Curry Are Using This Strange Therapy to Stay Focused”

” I did feel relaxed and refreshed, like after a phenomenal power-nap. In the coming days, I did notice slightly improved sleep and a clearer state of mind.”

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The Class-ifieds: You Can Recharge Your Body By Floating – Seriously!

“In 2010 when Michael Garrett heard comedian, UFC commentator and podcaster, Joe Rogan, talk about a float tank he used in his house to recover and meditate, he never expected to build a career ‘in the pod.’ Now, Garrett is the owner of Reboot Float Spa in San Francisco, where after one of those incredibly tough workouts (or a week’s worth), you can literally float away your aches and pains.”

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This Is the Future of Stress Relief

“Listen, you look like you could use some R and R. But with a full-time job, an endless to-do list and a husband who considers ordering takeout “cooking,” how are you supposed to carve out any time for yourself? The solution: Reboot Float Spa.”

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Best Tune Out & Drop In Spot: Reboot Float Spa

The magnesium in the water alleviates soreness, while the floating action decompresses the spine and induces a relaxation so deep it lowers cortisol and melts away muscle tension.

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Why The Golden State Warriors Spend Hours Floating in Salt Water Every Other Week

“The Warriors have a secret weapon, a pitch dark place where gravity fades away and magnesium sulfate is absorbed into their bodies. A place where members of one of the NBA’s most elite teams ever can visualize swishing 3 after 3 with no distractions or noise from the outside world. A place that provides an incubator for basketball greatness.”

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