Make Floating a Practice

Floating just gets better and better. The more you float, the more you can relax and let go. Floating is an infinitely deep journey.

Consistent Cryo for Maximum Benefit

To get the most out of cryotherapy, it’s been shown that doing 3+ sessions a week gets you the most benefit.

The Combo Membership is Our Best Deal

Save $20 or $40 per month by getting the Float & Cryo Membership!

Membership Benefits

  • Sessions good at all locations

    If you travel around the Bay Area, you can use your sessions in Rockridge (Oakland), the Mission, the Marina, and anywhere else we expand to!

  • No Long Term Commitment

    Memberships are only a 4 Month Minimum and no 30 day BS. If you want your membership cancelled, all you have to do is email or call us and it’s done.

  • Sessions Roll Over and Never Expire

    You bought your sessions, so their yours. Your Reboot sessions will never expire.

  • Pause Your Membership

    We understand that you travel or get behind on using sessions. You can pause your membership for up to 3 months in a 12 month period.

  • Best Deal Available

    Our memberships offer by far the deepest discounts so that you can affordably float and cryo regularly.

  • Friend Referral Program

    Your friends get discounts and you get a free session every 3 referrals.

  • Get the Most Benefit

    For floating, you are able to draw on you last experience and keep the momentum going. For cryotherapy, the science shows that doing multiple sessions a week can increase norepinephrine levels up to 5x, which can have huge benefits to inflammation, mood and focus.

  • Share with Your Friends

    Many of our memberships are shareable, so you can share your sessions with your friends!