What is Float Therapy?

Floating in a super saturated solution of Epsom salt and water frees you from the sensation of gravity, temperature, touch, sight and sound will conserve and redirect vast amounts of physical and mental energy. This will decompress the spine and induce a state of ultra-deep relaxation that will lower cortisol and melt away the tension stored in muscles. Floating is extremely effective at calming the mind, which greatly accelerates our body’s ability to heal itself from the rigors of modern life, such as stress, lack of sleep, intense workouts, jet lag, and more. Float therapy works wonders for relaxation and recovery, but can also provide chronic pain relief, boost creativity, and leave you with a euphoric afterglow that can last for days.

  Top 5 benefits


    Floating lowers stress hormones, replenishes neurotransmitters, and releases endorphins, which induces ultra-deep relaxation and provides a zen-like afterglow that can last for days.


    The womb-like environment provides a euphoric boost in energy, which is ideal for when we’re jet lagged, sleep deprived, or drained from a long work-week.


    Effortlessly slip into meditative states, which has a plethora of proven benefits. You’ll feel intensely awake, yet extremely relaxed and clear-headed.


    Floating will release tension stored in muscles and decompress the spine, which is both soothing and effectively relieves chronic pain.


    Greatly accelerate the body’s ability to heal itself from the effects of stress, intense workouts, late-nights, and overstimulation.

Doctor Testimonial

-Dr. Dan Engle

“Float therapy supports the four primary reasons people go see their physicians: Stress manage, weight manage, pain manage, and get off medications.”

-Dr. Dan EngleBoard certified psychiatrist and Medical Director at Rejuvenation and Performance Institute

Customers Love Us On Google

Absolutely loved my float experience. The facilities were clean and the staff were very helpful. It was my first float and I'm converted. I actually left feeling better and more relaxed then when i have gotten a massage and for a fraction of the price. You do probably need to go more then once to feel the full affect, but i was convinced after one float and bought the membership.read more
m s
m s
03:07 07 Jan 18
Professional staff and nice spa environment for the whole body cryotherapy. Will use again when I'm back in town. Thanks
Patricia Kirnon
Patricia Kirnon
00:33 18 Oct 17
Dynamite. I do a monthly float to unwind and plan out what's ahead. It's not only something I really look forward to but also enormously productive. No distractions while floating allows someone as easily distracted as myself to really dig in and focus. I love it.read more
Leo Manzione
Leo Manzione
21:47 03 Oct 17
My first time a few days ago and didn't really know what to expect, but went in with a positive attitude. I was amazed how fast an hour goes by when you're floating in their pod. I came out feeling relaxed, somewhat giddy and colors were vivid. I can't wait for my next float...thinking one a month might not be enough for me. 🙂 read more
Melvin Mullings
Melvin Mullings
03:26 26 Apr 17
First time at reboot. The second you step in the store, you've entered your relaxation zone. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to make your stay enjoyable. The real relaxation is in the pod although the before and after make the entire visit memorable. Highly Recommended! read more
Amy Streckfus
Amy Streckfus
16:17 12 Apr 17
This is the place to go if you are an avid floater or simply looking to try it out for the first time. Just like their sf location reboot nails the floating experience. Overall super clean and thought out facility. Great staff and great pods! I Highly recommend the reboot experience!read more
Ryan Duey
Ryan Duey
02:08 12 Feb 17

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