Chris Douglas

Founder of Presidio Sports Management

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Chris leads a busy and active life.  He’s an entrepreneur (started his own management firm called Presidio Sports Management), the co-founder of Team Cancer Sucks (which raises money for patients and families affected by cancer), and the President of the Golden Gate Triathlon Club (the largest triathlon club in northern California). When he’s not juggling all of these responsibilities, he’s training for his next ridiculous endurance challenge. From Ironman triathlons to ultracycling races to mountain ultramarathons, Chris sets goals for himself that sound like bad ideas to most people. Particularly bad ideas included a 200 mile bike race through the Mojave Desert, running a marathon a week after an Ironman 70.3 and attempting to “Everest” Hawk Hill on his bike.  To recharge from long days of work and training, he floats at Reboot Float Spa. The magnesium salts help with his training, recovery and overall stress relief. He has been recharging at Reboot ever since it opened and spreads the gospel of its many benefits to anyone who will listen.

Kyle Kingsbury

Retired UFC Fighter


After a long football career starting at age 10 and finishing 12 years later at Arizona State University, Kyle switched gears and got into mixed martial arts. It wasn’t long before he landed a spot on The Ultimate Fighter and made his way into the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Kyle retired in 2014 after an 8 year run in professional fighting. Although retired from fighting, Kyle remains forever a martial artist dedicated to self mastery and continues to search for new ways to push himself by recently completing his first 50k trail run in Zion, Utah and is working toward his 2016 goal of deadlifting 600 lbs. “Fighting has taught me the delicate balance of ‘work hard, rest hard’. For the rest and recovery side of it, there is no greater tool than the silence & introspection found in the float tank.”

Evelyn Stevens

Professional Cyclist


In the brief span of three years, Evelyn (Evie) Stevens has made the improbable leap from the analyst floor at a New York investment firm to the road course of the Summer Olympics in London.  Her well-documented journey to the bike is the result of fierce competitiveness, sheer athleticism, and a serendipitous discovery of natural talent.  Having found her calling, Evie is now focused on winning a UCI World Championship and bringing home Olympic Gold from Rio in 2016.  Evie is an offseason resident of San Francisco, CA and has been floating at Reboot regularly.  In Evie’s words, “Being a professional cyclist is about much more than the hours I spend on my bike. Floating at Reboot has become an essential part of my training regime. It allows me to focus and work on the mental side of the sport while at the same time relaxing and recharging. Reboot allows me to have high quality recovery time, which means I am back on the bike sooner and stronger.”

Erica Stenz

Barry’s Bootcamp Instructor

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Meet Erica Stenz. She started teaching fitness and nutrition at UC Santa Barbara in 2007 while she earned her B.A. in Communications and double minor in Exercise & Health Science and Fitness Instruction. Erica promotes a balanced, active lifestyle and has a passion for making a difference in people’s lives. Her passion is reflected in her duel careers in fitness and marketing at Barry’s Bootcamp San Francisco. She’s committed to taking care of her body as an athlete and recommends Reboot to her clients – especially runners like herself to prevent shin splints and injuries!

Lauren McHale

SoulCycle Instructor

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Lauren’s passion for fitness started while hiking, skiing and snowboarding with her family in Lake Tahoe. After graduating college, she switched her focus from journalism to fitness, where she’s been a yoga teacher and now a part of the SoulCycle family as an instructor. Lauren has been floating with us since we opened and says, “I regularly float at Reboot because, as a full time SoulCycle instructor, I don’t have a lot of recovery time throughout the week, so I take advantage of the restorative and healing benefits of weekly floats. Having an hour to relax and recover also helps me mentally prepare to give back as much as I can to my riders and remain focused and grounded.  Some days I walk in feeling extremely mentally and physically exhausted, but I always leave feeling like I pressed the refresh button on my life–ready to take on my role as a fitness professional and overall leader within the health and wellness industry. “  

Ramsey Nijem

UFC Fighter


Ramsey is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the lightweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and trains locally at Empower Gym in San Francisco. A professional MMA competitor since 2008, Nijem has made a name for himself fighting in Utah and was a finalist on The Ultimate Fighter: Team Lesnar vs. Team dos Santos. Ramsey uses floating at Reboot as a way to heal and recover and says, “Floating is an essential part of my training and recovery, not only the physical recovery, but the mental and emotional recovery. While I am in there meditating, it really helps the body heal. I can meditate within any injury and I come out feeling a lot better.”

Chadd Schaefer

Owner of Body Temp Yoga

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Chadd Schaefer is the owner of Body Temp Yoga, located in San Francisco’s Marina District.  Chadd has been teaching yoga since 2001.  A former Bikram teacher, Chadd now follows in the mindful footsteps of yoga teacher extraordinaire, Jill Miller and her Yoga Tune Up® program.  Chadd is currently evolving the increasingly popular Body Temp Candlelight Classes, which are a wonderful way to down-regulate from a hectic day and get your body and mind primed for a healing night’s sleep.  In Chadd’s words, “Reboot Float Spa is the perfect antidote to the stress of everyday living.  As a business owner, I suffer from serious decision fatigue by week’s end.  Reboot’s float pods offer my entire being an ethereal respite from the relentless assault on my senses, that I once thought was the status quo of big city living.  Not anymore.  Reboot is my ‘happy place’ where I get to rejuvenate my body, my mind and my breath.  I use my time in the ‘egg’ to practice my meditation.  Super awesome.  Highly recommended if you have any amount of stress in your life!”